JIRA App - Allow Sync of Organization and Requester

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  • Ruben Cortez

    +1 vote.

    Would be very useful.

    What have you tried, Andru Fanger

  • Stephen

    +1 would love to see the ability to sync the Organisation name.

  • Raj Hazarika

    +1 . As a workaround i am thinking of pulling that information in a Custom Zendesk field and then use the Zendesk-Jira Integrations to sync those fields . 

  • Jay Dubinsky

    Raj Hazarika- I've attempted a similar workaround by leveraging a web hook to pull the organization name based on a trigger that's fired when tickets are created and updated but have had inconsistent results. 

    I'm also leveraging a jira automation to convert the text field addition into a tag to allow for multiple tickets from different organizations to be linked and successfully recorded. 

    Would you mind sharing how you approached the issue? Thank you so much! 

  • Jordan

    +1 for this! 


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