Separate out the privileges for Help Center Set Up and Customization from the Manage Guide permissions

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  • Jake Edwards

    Thanks for creating.
    Blows my mind that "reordering articles" is in the same tier as "delete help centre*

    Article, section and category management (moderation, organisation) should be under an intermediate role between admin and agent. I.e contributer vs editor.

  • Permanently deleted user

    Thanks for raising this request and linking the other related posts.

    Adding to it, we would like to have granularity over the following Guide permissions:

    • Theme settings access (Changing active theme, viewing/editing/creating themes)
    • Category/Sections (Order in page, hierarchy in Category/Section, Title & Description Translations, creating/enabling/disabling)
    • User Segmentation (create/edit user segments, organize user segment priority order)
    • per-Brand access (similar to what's possible to define in User Segmentation for view/edit access)

    This becomes increasingly more relevant as our organization grows and specialized colleagues take ownership of specific functions without necessarily being knowledgeable in the other features. Limiting access to those would mitigate the risk to our different Help Centers

    Currently, the only viable alternative we can work with is to ask some teams to identify the target configuration elsewhere, then rely on someone with the permissions to apply that.
    This limits our working bandwidth and delays relevant changes.

  • Ronja Sindek

    We also need the splitting of rights, most of all so that editors can also change the order of articles without being guide managers.

  • Tetiana Gron
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi everyone,

    We understand the importance of more granular permissions for Guide but unfortunately it is currently not on our radar. Thank you for the detail explanation of the suggested feature. It will help us a lot if we prioritise it one day.

  • Jake Edwards

    We're giving up on guide -- too rigid. Migrating to our public documentation to WordPress where there's more flexibility.

    A better move for SEO too.

  • Ryan Boyer

    I agree completely with your feedback, @.... The current Guide Admin permissions are too broad and expansive. The user who needs access to arrange articles is not the same user who needs access to the Customize design, User Permissions, and Settings sections.

    Furthermore, deleting anything in Guide should be restricted to the fewest users possible. We have run into issues where we have granted users Guide admin access for the sole purposes of arranging articles and sections; yet, this access has led to users inadvertently deleting sections.

    @..., I appreciate your acknowledgment of this feedback. I'm a little disappointed that this is not something on the product roadmap. For me, it is a gap in the current Zendesk Guide product. I hope other users will continue to upvote this original post so that it gains more visibility.

  • Andrew S

    Same. This also means our admins just get bogged down with "article reordering" requests instead of actually dealing with, well, admin stuff. Permissions settings for Guide definitely need more granularity. It'd be even more useful to be able to create roles and customize what they can do (Sharepoint-style, for example)

  • Alan

    +1 to all the sentiment shared here. 

    I shouldn't have to be worried that an agent with the task of translating an article has the ability to change every aspect and even delete my help center. 

  • Unai Roiz


    Our Use Case is related to having separate out privileges to moderate content, mainly User Content. We would like to have a role to moderate this content but not the rest of the functionalities of the help center.


  • Erin Daniels

    Hi all,

    I'd like to add another vote for creating granular options for customizing Guide admin/manager roles and permissions.

    Our help center is managed by two teams: one oversees the internal knowledge base, and the other handles the public help center.  We'd like to make members of each team admins over their respective content, which we have divided into distinct categories.  Ideally the internal team could not edit, move, or publish articles in the public categories and vice versa.

    It would be nice to have the option to give an agent admin rights, but then be able to select which categories and/or sections the admin rights apply to.  In addition, I agree with the points made above that customizable roles would be very useful. We'd love to see this type of update on Zendesk's roadmap. Thank you!

  • Sydney Neubauer


    We accidentally had one of our "Internal" Agents publish an article publically which had some of our internal processes listed. This has become an increased concern for our team

  • Francois Spinnael

    Same here, we have a lot of issues because of this.

    Some people just delete categories...

    Crazy that this isn't implemented

  • James Flett

    Also agree. We'd like to allow users to create and edit categories and sections in Zendesk Guide, however, only Zendesk Guide admins are able to. Therefore we either have to:

    • Grant a large portion of users Zendesk Guide admin access, which, as mentioned in this thread, could lead to high impact mistakes; editing code, or deleting the help centre
    • Create and update categories and sections upon request from users, which creates a large amount of unnecessary work, wastes times for both parties, and doesn't scale well (scalability was one of the focusses for our migration to Zendesk) 

    I'm surprised there isn't more granularity and would really appreciate the option to grant users access to creating content in Zendesk Guide without having to provide them enough access to bring the whole thing down.

  • 林 薫里

    I agree with this opinion. Additionally, it would be nice to be able to set up a separate agent for each help center administrator.

  • Sarah Schwab

    Agree with the importance of this feature request. More granularity is necessary for all permission levels.

    In our case, we have hundreds of agents all over the world, who are not trained writers or content creators. We have a content team who's job it is to manage the articles in the Help Center and Knowledge Base. We would like more control over Agent editing and publishing privileges, specifically the ability to remove Agents' ability to do these things. 

  • Christina Hernandez

    100% agree with all the use cases presented. This is a basic necessity. Please add this ASAP! 

  • Steffi

    This is critical to maintaining user-friendly guides and content. Agents are not authors and should not have the rights to edit, delete, and publish content. Especially for more extensive documentation, this leads to chaos.

  • Joel Selwood

    100% a fundamental requirement. Nearly a year since the last official comms on this - what is the latest @Zendesk. 


  • Kasper Sørensen
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi everyone,

    Wanted to provide an update as I can see a lot of people asking.

    We currently do not have plans to change this. However, I do wonder if you have looked into Management Permissions, which lets you control permissions for articles on agents (ie. not Guide Admins). This is a large part of what is being asked for, and I think the discussion points here are maybe missing that point. I agree that it shouldn't be the default that you grant all your agents Guide Admin rights, so use Management Permissions to control their article publishing permissions instead.

  • Kate

    @... for our groups the article you linked doesn't resolve several issues that this is trying to address.

    A few of the things that currently require Guide Admin that we are looking to separate:

    • Add, edit, or delete categories and sections
    • Reorder articles, sections, and categories
    • Edit or delete comments on articles
    • And many other in Gather ...

    These items should not be connected to the overall settings for Guide including editing the code base for the theme, overall guide settings, etc.

    To avoid giving the more critical permissions to business partners, content writers, etc. we have to do the work ourselves which creates additional work that should be able to be delegated.

    It's unfortunate that Zendesk does not understand the concerns being expressed here and the unwillingness to address it keeps further adoption of Guide in our org impossible. Today we utilize other tools for externally facing KB that we can control more granularly and only use Guide for internal KBs. 

  • Kasper Sørensen
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Kate,

    Thanks for elaborating. I did not mean to say that we don't understand or are unwilling to change the product for these points. I think they're excellent points and ones that we should definitely address. They're not currently being worked on though, but they are completely valid. The only point I was trying to make was that several comments (but not all) in this thread seemed to be resolveable by using Management Permissions.

  • Kenneth Morris
    Zendesk Luminary

    Hello Folks,

    Is there an update on this feature request?

    We find it difficult to assign content to be updated when the users have the power to update articles across categories and across brands they shouldn't have access to and the manage permissions is too much power at the moment. 

    Can there be an intermediate between Admin level and basic users?



  • Chris Hearn

    Hi all, it would be good to have an update on this too. All we want is for our editors to be able to update the labels and placement of the article for existing articles. We are having to use a spreadsheet so that our publishers can add them in to the relevant article.

  • Alana Martin

    I agree that I would like some of my light agents to be able to add/edit/delete sections. I also would like them to be able to update documents on their article without having admin permissions. 

  • Kelli Cain

    We are preparing to launch Gather for an internal, private community and require separate editing permissions between agents and Guide Admins.  It is a concern this is not possible and may prohibit future utilization of Gather.  Wondering if there have been any further discussions at Zendesk around prioritizing given the broad customer interest.  

  • pascal sala

    Is it possible to brand-lock Zendesk guide editors so that they cannot access/edit content of other brands. I'm an admin of a multi-brand and currently our editors can access/edit content for all the brands even those that are not theirs this can lead to editors messing up content for other brands unknowingly hence the need to brand-lock editors so that they can only edit content under their brand. I will appreciate any response on this. Thank you in advance for your guidance.

  • Anne Ronalter
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hello Pascal,

    thank you for your Feedback on that.

    Unfortunately it is currently not possible to restrict Guide roles based on a Brand due to the permissions being based on the account level and not by Brand.
  • Monica

    Pascal's need for brand based permission settings in Zendesk is a functionality that would be beneficial to us as well. Currently trying to achieve similar division with user segments.

  • Brian Greenberg

    We really need the ability to lock certain help centers to certain user segments. Very strange that this doesn't exist already. Can somebody confirm that this is on the roadmap somewhere? Any marketplace apps that do this?


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