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  • Hannah Voice

    Had the same issue a few months ago, even after confirming with Customer Support that this wouldn't happen. 😓

  • CJ Johnson

    Plus one on this, it break so much and you have to spend all kinds of time updating filters on all existing reports that filter on that group, as it will be unselected after the name is changed. 

  • John Costello
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi folks,

    I can totally understand that this must be very frustrating for you. My name is John Costello and I'm a Product Manager in Explore, I would love to understand some of your use cases that are broken for the Group Filter here. 

    • Is the Filter used in a bookmark and now these bookmarks are broken ?
    • Is the Filter just not showing up the correct new groups and hence you can't filter on the new Group names?
    • Maggie St.Clair you mentioned Explore reports was there a precanned Explore report that broke for you or was it a custom Report that you made in Explore ?

    I really want to dig into this and make sure we address the problems you are all experiencing here. 

    Looking forward to hearing from you 



    Explore Product

  • Maggie St.Clair

    Hi John, 

    Thanks for reaching out for more info. Previously we had a bunch of groups in Zendesk such as CX, Customer Support, Tech Services, etc. These were all for our Energy Team. We brought our other business units into Zendesk so now we also have groups like CRM CX and CRM Tech Services so we decided to rename our original groups to include the business unit. So CX became Energy CX, Customer Support became Energy Customer Support, and so on. All I did was go into the current group name and add Energy to the beginning. 

    A few of my co-workers that rely on dashboards in Explore reached out because their dashboards were incorrect. After some digging we found that the dashboards were using ticket aging queries that they had built in Explore. On those queries the filters were showing the original group names selected and not the new names. So CX, Customer Support, etc were still the groups it was looking for instead of Energy CX, Energy Tech Services, etc. I had to unselect the old names and select the new names. Then the dashboards showed the correct info from the queries. 

    While the task to fix this only took me a few minutes, we were SHOCKED to find that when we edited a group name it did not update the group name in the filter on the query and instead it made a new group name. 

    Hope this answers some of your questions above. Let me know if you need any other info. 

  • Bruno Monteiro

    We're having this issue too, which didn't occur in Insights, but the response from Zendesk support was to wait for this update to come in some roundmap soon, and follow this post.

    I believe you should see what Insights features exist, which customers used and were useful, and bring as a legacy to Explore.

  • Simon Watts

    We've just come a cropper on this too.  Renamed groups due to a merger and it broke our reports.

  • CJ Johnson

    I've been putting off a group rename for over a year now because of this. It would be a total disaster if a group got renamed at this point. 

  • Stephen

    John Costello - is there any update on this?

    We are doing a clean-up of our Zendesk instance and as part of this change we are hoping to rename many of our Groups to better reflect what they do. 

    However, the impact this will have on reporting would be extreme and time-consuming to resolve.

  • Bobby Koch

    the point of having unique IDs tied to things like group names, user names, etc., is so that when something changes, your data is not compromised. This is the most disappointing article and lack of awareness I have seen in my 7 years using Zendesk.  

  • Jay Krishnan

    John Costello Has there been any update since the original post. Hope at least the product team would have put this in the roadmap since the Sep 30, 2021.


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