Let me copy the titles and text on Dashboards

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  • Chris Bulin
    Community Moderator

    CJ Johnson you should be able to edit queries directly from edit mode in Dashboards

    • Open the Dashboard in Edit Mode
    • Mouseover the upper right corner of the widget in question
    • Select Edit Query
  • CJ Johnson

    Hi Chris, 

    If I am a viewer, I can't edit Dashboards *or* queries though, which is a problem. I end up having to get screenshots from people who want to ask questions about a specific query on a Dashboard. Even if I am an editor, having to open up the Dashboard Editor, wait for it load, then find the query, and open *that* editor, isn't really any faster than taking a screenshot and manually typing out the name. 

    Edit: Additionally, this workflow doesn't work unless the Dashboard is shared with me directly, I can't edit a Publicly viewable Dashboard that hasn't explicitly been shared with me, but I can edit those queries. 

  • CJ Johnson

    I would still like to see this feature, updating this so it doesn't get closed out. 


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