Date user fields: "is NOT within …"

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  • Jun Qin

    We have a similar need to remove the tag 'reminded' based on a date field.

  • Charles Gresula
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Jun Qin

    Thanks for your inquiry.

    At this time, unfortunately we don't have a way to natively accomplish what you want, however, you could use our API to create something custom to remove the tags when it meets the conditions set. You could also check the marketplace if there might be a third-party app out there which can do this.

  • Rolf Hayes

    We also have a similar problem where by a ticket is put on hold along with a custom date field that we enter.  I need a trigger that will take the ticket out of hold the day after the custom field date.  I tried using the "is within past 1 day" trigger, but realized that this triggered on the day.  I have then changed this to "is within the past 2 days" trigger but this seems to have done the same and activated the trigger on the day of the custom field date.

    It does seem somewhat strange that ZD doesn't have a TODAY() +/- option in triggers. 


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