Detecting language used in the ticket and update end-user language accordingly

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    Hi there,

    This solution seems to be really nice but I still have the same issue.

    I am working with end-user all over the world and they used to talk to me in 3 different languages in 1 ticket.

    I have noticed that zendesk define the language according to the locale when a user send an email for the 1st time and then record it to their email address forever.

    This detection should be activated EACH TIME we receive a ticket ! 

    It would be great if the detection would be linked to each word (and not the locale) and then implement it in a field designed for this purpose.

    What do you think about it?

  • Dave Dyson
    Zendesk Community Manager
    Hi Paul and Chris,
    Since Zendesk is currently build to associate a language with the requester, and not the ticket, I think any solution would require coding. But you might be able to get part of the way by creating triggers to update the requester's language by using the Ticket: Subject text Contains at least one of the following words, with a list of words unique to that language. It certainly wouldn't be foolproof, but it could save some work.
    For visibility to our product team, it'd be a good idea if one of you could create a post in our Feedback - Ticketing System (Support), using the Product Feedback Post Template to format your input. Then others can upvote your idea and add their own use cases. Thanks!

    Hi Dave,


    Thank you for this tip. It's a good idea and it will definitely work.

    Nevertheless, finding a list of unique words for at least 5 languages will be hard work !

    If you know a quick way to find such a list, that would be amazing !


    Cheers !

    PS: I would create a post in your feedabck ticketing system !

  • Paul D Owner

    Hi Chris & Dave,

    Thank you both for your feedback!


    Actually I was not able to implement the solution in my post, because there's no option to dynamically detect the language used at the creation event of the ticket.

    What we did in return, was to create a custom field with the languages we support, and update the user language via triggers.

    And I agree with you, the language detection mechanism should be tied to the tickets to a certain level.

    Dave Dyson

    Many thanks for getting back to me on this topic! And thank you for your suggestion, we have implemented something similar, as mentioned above, with a custom field. Parsing description or subject for specific words in this scenario might be troublesome...

    But this solution has flaws... eg, notification re request received will still be dispatched in the previous language of the user (and we don't want to change the order of the triggers either).

    However, I would not change the locale attribution from user to the ticket for various reasons... but would be interesting to have the language detection mechanism working at the creation event of the ticket, and the locale detected to be available via a placeholder.



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