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  • Mary Paez

    Bulk actions for admins are necessary.  We have taxonomy changes (adding sections or moving articles between sections) often and cannot be moving them one at a time.  When will a bulk action be available to classify a group of articles.

  • Felipe Mejia

    Adding comment for support. This would be very useful

  • Allaes Eeckhout

    Trying to completely reorganise our article database and the progress is very slow, because there is no way of moving articles in bulk... Hoping this feature is added.

  • Jack Williams

    This feature is a requirement for so many. Would be silly not to prioritize it. Imagine being able to simply drag and drop content from one section to another category....

  • Marcin Miodek

    Manually moving 500+ articles from a single folder into different categories... 

  • Jeff Stephenson

    I'm not sure why this feature is not the norm. We have multi-branded accounts and this is very time consuming to change article sections one by one. 

  • Sarah Schwab

    Yes! I'm in the process of reorganizing hundreds of articles, and it would be incredibly useful to be able to move them as part of the multi-select article settings.

  • Gilles Benyon-Bell

    Massively needed. As we scale and evolve our community, we need to be able to edit, move, delete etc in bulk

  • Gwyn Mabo

    We're starting an overhaul of our Help Centre structure, and have over 1500 articles. It's going to take an extremely long time to manually move each one to the correct section and category.

    It'd be great if this was something that could be done in bulk.

    You can already filter by placement, so why not add it to the actions at the bottom of the page?

  • Mary Paez

    This has been an open request for some time. Let's hope something will be released soon!  We have over 7500 articles. Too much work to move one-by-one!


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