Approve user sign-up to Help Center

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  • Susan Cha

    Can Zendesk really get this feature done? I think it's a high-level security problem to a company. I don't want competitors to even take a glance into my knowledge base. If everyone can sign up and view the knowledge base easily, it makes no sense to set the permission. All I can do is just to check daily to kick out the strange sign up users, it's not reasonable. It's necessary to have approval settings. 

  • Janina Grothe

    We also really need this feature to have control who has insight into our help-center and therefor a lot of detailed information of our product...

  • Elizabeth

    It's been 4yrs.  Any update on this?

  • Bryant Eadon

    We could really use this too.  Can we get this implemented ?

  • Mirva Jousala

    This feature request gets my vote too! 

  • Max McCal
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hey, all – We really appreciate the interest and feedback here. I can definitely see how this idea has merit. I agree that the gap between an open helpdesk anyone can join and a closed one in which all users need to be created by an agent is pretty big and leaves a lot of potential middle use cases out.

    We don't have any plans around this right now, but we'll keep it in mind as we look at ways to enhance our tools for user management.


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