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    Max McCal
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Thanks all for your comments. This is the first time this has come across my attention, and I wanted to reply, because I think this is an interesting and useful idea. It's a fairly significant project for us, so I don't think I can immediately speak to whether it is something we can deliver on or when. I have started an internal conversation about it. 

    I think this is interesting and valuable because I've always felt there was a missing "middle layer" of permeability for end users to sign up in your account. We have the wide open version which allows anyone to sign up and create tickets, and the fully closed off version in which only users created by your agents can interact with your Zendesk ticketing and help center. 

    So, no specific timelines I can share now, but I wanted to thank everyone for this feedback, and confirm that we have captured it for review.

  • Soowon Lee

    Currently when an end user register themselves in help center, they are automatically granted the access to Help Center. 

    The workflow we are looking for is as seen below
    1. End user enters Help Center
    2. Enters Email and PW to log into Help Center
    3. This alarms the admins via email & admin user verifies the end user
    information (email, language, name, etc)

    * If services like Docusign can be incorporated it will be great

    4. When approved, end user gets a notification saying they can now access Help Center.


  • Soowon Lee

    I think the key point here is, with the current Zendesk logic, we cannot control who creates an account to access the Help Center. There is no way to get notification when a new user is created, therefore as an admin I do not know which users I have to grant access to the Help Center. 


    Therefore there should be an option or a trigger condition we can use to send notifications for new users. 

    This can be done withe using external apps such as Zapier but I dont it should be a default feature of Zendesk.


  • Nicolas DU LAC


    For us, this is THE missing feature in ZenDesk.

    Same as Andrea above: our software is proprietary and we only want to allow our current clients to have access to all or parts of the Help Center. Therefore when a new user signs in, we would need to be notified, grant access or not, and if granted, be able to assign the necessary tags for the user.

    Proposed workflow:

    1 - user signs-up

    2 - user gets notified by email that his account in pending until validation from the organization (via some customizable message)

    3 - we also get notified that such user requested registration

    4 - we can click on some link to grant access and set the user tags potentially

    5 - if granted, the user gets notified by email that his account has been activated and he can then loggin.

    This is what we do on our corporate website and it is quite satisfactory.

  • Ambrose Contreras

    Can I cast my vote for this feature.. In fact I was born in Chicago so can I vote once from their too? 

  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Thanks for the detailed feedback, Nicolas. Totally makes sense. We've pinged the appropriate product teams about this conversation.

  • Jake Latham

    @Nicole, can you provide any updates for us?  The lack of this prevents us from using the ZenDesk Guide unless we basically rewrite the whole thing ourselves inside our application.


  • Mark McLaughlin

    I vote for this feature as well.  Our webstore has this option and it seems somewhat simple.

  • David

    We are looking for exactly this feature as well!

    P.S. I was also born in Chicago, if that counts in the end,

  • Soowon Lee

    This is also a feature we are looking for as we have no way to validate the customer at the moment.

  • Puneet Sharma

    Vote for this feature too.

    P.S: It's the feature we deserve and the feature we need!!

  • Shannon T.


    Help desk admins need to be able approve new customer (end users) who register, rather than granting them access if they just provide a valid email. Reason is to to prevent end users from gaining access to our documentation if they are not our actual clients.

    Closing the help desk to registration and manually adding end users is out of the question: Several of our clients have dozens or hundreds of users who need to be able to sign up with, in many cases, non org. emails that we do not collect.

    This is basic functionality found in many other CMS / help desk systems including WordPress and Kayako.

  • James Pullman

    This is a huge need. Please give some level of even a simple approve/deny ability once a user requests to see KB. We need to make sure our users are approved customers before having access to our documentation.

  • Andrea Nunez

    This is a feature that we would be very interested in.  Our software is proprietary and we only want to allow our current clients to have access to our Help Center. 

  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Manager

    @Robin we currently do not have an update on this and doesn't appear to be on the roadmap currently.

    Could you provide a little more information on your what you would like to see in this sort of feature as well as your use case?

    This will provide some visibility to our product managers as well as other users in the same situation.


  • Nicolas DU LAC

    @Brett @zendesk, the use case for this feature is pretty simple:

    We publish quite detailed technical information about our products on the Knowledge Base part of our ZenDesk platform. Therefore some of these information are available only to customers and require that we check some flag for the user to get access to the entire content.

    When a new user registers, we would like to be able to be notified by email in order to be able to apply the flags which correspond to the user or his domain.

    It is also always interesting to follow in real-time who registers and potentially to approve or deny the registration requests.

    Please transfer this request to the product managers: as we see it, this is the missing feature in ZenDesk. Sending an email to one or more agents when a new user registers with the new user account details and potentially a user activation confirmation link should not be difficult nor risky to implement I believe.

    Thanks in advance!


  • Elliot COUCKE

    I'm really interested in this feature as well, our use case is pretty much the same as here:

    Thanks in advance !

  • Jake Latham

    +1 from me as well.  Our use-case is exactly the same as Nicolas Du Lac a few posts up.

  • Endios Admin

    We need this feature as well for the same reasons as Nicolas.

  • Jake Latham

    We got around this limitation by creating a User Segment in the Guide Admin called "Approved Organizations", and then updated our software to automatically ensure each organization is added to the approved organization segment using the ZenDesk API.

    Then, we set the visibility on each article to only be visible to agents and members of the "Approved Organizations" segment.

    This way, even if somebody registers and logs in from some random domain (e.g a competitor), they can't see anything interesting in the Help Center, AND, anybody can still submit a support request if they need to without having to go through any weird registration process.

    Hope that helps somebody.


  • Bill Rusitzky

    Can someone from the Zendesk product team comment here. This request has been going for a while and it seems something that many people want. It does not seem very challenging to implement.

    Can you please put it on the roadmap.


  • Susan Cha

    Can Zendesk really get this feature done? I think it's a high-level security problem to a company. I don't want competitors to even take a glance into my knowledge base. If everyone can sign up and view the knowledge base easily, it makes no sense to set the permission. All I can do is just to check daily to kick out the strange sign up users, it's not reasonable. It's necessary to have approval settings. 

  • Elizabeth

    It's been 4yrs.  Any update on this?

  • Bryant Eadon

    We could really use this too.  Can we get this implemented ?

  • Robin Olsson

    @zendesk update us on this topic please? 

  • Nicolas DU LAC

    @Nicole, I confirm: a feedback would be highly appreciated.

    We are globally happy with ZenDesk, but we really miss this feature.

    Getting notifications by email when a new user registers would allow us to make much better usage of the knowledge base part of the platform.

    By default, any hint or code template as to how we could integrate this trigger ourselves using the API would be great.

    Best regards,



  • Mark Heideman

    Nicolas Du Lac got it right.

    The basic problem here is this:

    If anyone can create an account in the zendesk portal, then anyone can sign in. So putting certain content behind a log-in requirement means nothing. It's just another step someone would need to make to access the knowledge base. 

    As this feature suggests it would be great if there were an option to enforce approval before end-users are allowed access. This is a significant roadblock for my organization and understandably many others.

  • Mark Heideman

    That's perfect. Thanks Jake, appreciate the insight.

  • Nicolas DU LAC

    Thanks indeed Mark!

    We also built some workaround recently in order to be notified at least when a new user subscribes: a cron task running on one of our servers which pulls every 5 mins the list of registered users and runs a diff with the previously queried list. The diff, if not empty, is sent to us by email.

    That's quite awful (and I believe it participates to global warming), but seems to work.

    This way we can check the "authorized" flag on the user or his domain as soon as possible so he can access the articles with limited access. But there is still a period between user's registration and the flag checking on our side where the user can be troubled with the knowledge base emptiness (like when we don't check our emails every minute, during the night for instance...). So we added a dummy article, available for every-one telling something like "if you don't see anything here, please don't panic, wait for some time, or just email us, etc.". But here is another pain here: we cannot restrict this very article to "all but those who have the authorized flag checked". Therefore, everyone including manually authorized users have this article available for reading... which might make no sense to those who are authorized and for whom the knowledge base is not empty at all.

    Well, nothing's perfect but that's a first step. ;-)



  • CORE Help Admin

    Yes we too are interested in this feature request. We want to either be able to customize our Sign-up page to add some questions or be able to control somehow who gets accepted by Zendesk to our Community. Maybe the approval process could go through us. This is very important to us.


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