Make Explore usable on small screens

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  • Andrew Dodds

    I'm using a 15" laptop and having the same issue. In order to reorder columns in Explore queries I need to zoom out to 75% which makes the rest of the text difficult to read. 

  • Eugene Orman
    Zendesk Product Manager

    @...,  Thank you for sharing your issue. We are working on improving the dashboarding experience. We will definitely take your feedback into consideration. 


    @..., this issue was resolved in the query builder. Now, you can minimize and scroll through the menus in the query builder:

  • Adrian Bishop

    Hi, we've also noticed an issue when sharing links to dashboards, I created a dashboard which only shows properly on a full HD resolution at 100% zoom, laptop screens are often set to higher zoom and then the scroll bar disappears, this is not good functionality with Explore Enterprise, especially when we intend to build some of these dashboards to share with our customers.

  • CJ Johnson

    I was pretty shocked to find out that even new retina Macbooks aren't expected to be able to display Dashboards properly or edit them properly. I think it would be really great to support laptops being able to view and edit Dashboards, it's extremely, extremely common these days for employees to have laptops and not desktops.


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