Query Audit Logs

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  • Harriet Klymchuk

    +1 to this! A version history for queries and dashboards would also be really helpful.

    We have a number of contributors to Explore across different teams in order for data to be consumable directly by managers and team leads whenever they need it.  Currently we do not have the resource or capacity to funnel all dashboard and query requests to a single team without delaying access to data, and I'm sure we're not the only business that has this limitation. It feels unfair to overly restrict access to Explore when I feel it is an easy to use tool that should be made accessible to the teams that need it.

    That being said, it is difficult to manage multiple users and access to queries when you can't view a version history of a query or even the date it was created or edited (for example "2 months ago" doesn't help me pinpoint when the edit was made).

    Currently we have a very manual process to declare major edits and new queries and dashboards, but that is also hard to manage if it's not being managed consistently.

    A feature to be able to review revisions to queries and dashboards, and restore queries and dashboards, like you can with Articles in Guide, would be brilliant to monitor changes, revert any errors, and also have a clear view of what was displayed on a certain date for auditing.

  • Monica White


    A version history for what changes you or someone else has done was a great feature of GoodData/Insights and one that I expected with Explore.

  • Karen Lamola


    Version histories would be so helpful when multiple people are using them.

  • 蘇詩婷

    +1 wnat the log of query&dashboard

  • Ruben Cortez

    +1 and +many more who don't know that they need this.


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