Explore color conditional formatting is only in Table format :(

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  • Yes, trying to recreate the same capability that I had with my old Insights Dashboard and it seems odd that ZD didn't allow for the color coding of KPI query results.  Please add it ASAP!

  • Tejas

    Would like to see this feature soon..

  • Viorica Pop

    We are also using the color coding for KPIs.

    Much needed!!!

  • Michael Fitz

    Agreed, this would be ideal. 

  • Aaron C.

    I agree! This would be wonderful.

  • Alice Vavasseur


  • Pierre M

    Just lost 1 hour on this ! 
    If at least if was clear this wouldn't work this would be a progress form current state.

    Seems pretty basic feature to implement, please consider this.

  • Eugene Orman
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Thank you for upvoting this feature request. Can you please provide a little more details about what you are trying to achieve. Do you want to set a color alert based on a specific threshold as you can do on a Live data KPI: 

  • Pierre Martignon

    I'm using a report built in Explore as a KPI and I don't see the same option as you do show here when on the dashboard (Beta) selecting the KPI.
    When I select the KPI frame I only have foreground and background colour and then "Other" tick box that takes me back to Explore 
    Can you please detail how you get there ?



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