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  • Tim G

    I think we're after the same thing Daniel! - trying to set up personalised dashboards - AND also email them to the individuals.

    I raised a ticket about this and while there are 'Variable Filters' which do exactly this in GoodData, it isn't yet available in Explore. The closest I could get was using the 'bookmarks' feature on the dashboard for each agent.... but that's time intensive to set up, and also means that other agents can click on another bookmark to see another agent's scores... AND doesn't solve our email delivery issue :) 

    I raised this as a request here... 


    ... and there's more about the Variable Filter feature in GoodData here: https://help.gooddata.com/doc/en/reporting-and-dashboards/reports/working-with-reports/creating-new-reports-in-the-report-editor/filter-pane-filtering-within-a-report/variable-filter 

  • Chris Bulin
    Community Moderator

    I've used the same as Tim. I've set up bookmarks that filter to the agent, and created a dashboard for each agent, that all use the same queries, so I can update one board and everyone gets the updates. But each board then can be emailed separate to each agent and show them only their own information.

  • daniel.savage

    Thanks guys, that's exactly what I'm after! Hopefully the release this feature soon for Explore. In the meantime I might test our the bookmark idea just with Team Leaders to see how it all works/what they think. 

    Thanks again!



  • Tim G

    Hi Chris,

    Are you doing that in Gooddata currently, or in Explore? I wasn't able to find a way to email dashboards to individuals in Explore - and was told by ZD that it's not available yet (can only email to a whole group) - but have you found a way to do that?


  • Chris Bulin
    Community Moderator

    Hi Tim! I'm currently doing that in Explore. I just create a group that contains that one Zd agent and schedule the reports to that group. For folks that are not Zd agents, I have a group with myself in it that sends to my Outlook then a bunch of Outlook rules to ship each out to the correct recipient. It's not cute, but it works.


  • Tim G

    Interesting - thanks Chris!

    Hm... does that mean that you land up having a bunch of groups listed in the 'Assignee' field? Since you then have a group per person? or are you using an app / other workaround e.g. https://www.zendesk.com/apps/support/assignee-mask/ to hide the 'extras' ? 

    Sorry about all the extra questions - I guess I'm getting more and more curious as this progresses! haha. 

  • Chris Bulin
    Community Moderator

    Hi Tim, yes, we do have extraneous groups, but I push them to the bottom by naming them Xplore - Agent Name so they don't get in the way of usual business when assigning to groups. I was hoping they would have a fix in by end of Q2, but this isn't so intrusive that I feel a need an app to manage it.

  • Steve Steffel

    Just wanted to add that I'd also love this feature. Right now I have 15 different reports for support team leads in our company which has turned out to be a lot of work to update with even very simple changes. If I could just define that a team lead has permission to view tickets assigned to this list of people (and the same for other datasets) that would be great. Then I would be able to have one report and still be assured that it follows our privacy restrictions. 

  • Chris Wooten

    How is there no update for this? Was this ever implemented as I do not see it?

  • CJ Johnson

    Chris Wooten Not implemented yet. There's some chatter on the "new" Dashboard builder around this, but they have made it clear they expect you to re-build every Dashboard on the "new" Dashboard builder to get this feature, which the "scheduling" portion has no ETA: 

    Also, this will replace bookmarks, so if you need bookmarks to make your reports work for this flow - you're out of luck: https://support.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/4438792937114/comments/5213900453274

    I'm in that "needs this to work and also need bookmarks" group myself, and you can probably tell I'm not thrilled with the progression of this feature.

  • Walter Bellante
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Dear customers,
    we are excited to share that dashboard restrictions are now live on the beta builder.
    Dashboard restrictions empower editors to dynamically tailor a dashboard to different audiences.

    You can learn more about how to use them in the article.


    Many of you requested this feature to reduce the number of dashboards maintained when measuring the individual performance of an agent.
    To ease your task, we’ve decided to include a “Support agent productivity” template. This has been built to give you an overview of how the agent has been performing on ticket volumes and response time over the last 7 days.
    Once you’ve added the template, add a dashboard restriction on “Assignee name” with the value “Based on viewer” and share it with your agents.
    Once they open the dashboard they’ll immediately be able to see just their own tickets.

    Thanks again for your patience.
    We look forward to hearing your feedback.



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