No Data error message in Explore, Can we change it?

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  • Hillary Latham

    Agreed.  I would just like to see that there are zero results, which is sometimes good to see.  It does not mean I have an error.

  • Pierugo Mazzaccheri

    Has this been progressed at all after 2 years?!?!

    Scheduled reports with no data available should show a message like "No data". I am actually getting "an error occurred" printed on the report!

    There is no error!!!

    Please correct as soon as possible.

  • Hayley Dobson

    We are having the same issue, we have a simple query to pull back any urgent tickets, which currently has no results (therefore producing an error) but i need to retrieve the data. Its not an error as that is the expected result. 

  • Pierugo Mazzaccheri

    Just an update as I have recently discovered that the "error occurred" message seems to be included only in the reports manually exported off the dashboard. When the dashboard is scheduled and distributed the message actually says "No data available. Check your filters and calculations". 

    Would it be possible to remove the last part though? We send these reports to customers and that message is misleading (nothing to check for the recipients).


  • Drey Tee

    Totally agree with all commenters.
    It's ridiculous to send such a message even to colleagues and of course to customers.

    Any workaround maybe?

  • CJ Johnson

    It appears this message was removed and now you just no indication whatsoever as to why portions of the Dashboard are blank. It's even worse than having a message as though you messed up your calculations, IMO, because you cannot tell if it failed, or was just all 0's. 


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