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  • Jahn Bronilla
    Community Moderator

    Hello Team,

    Why don't we just simply activate the exclude functionality instead of creating customer metric/attribute?

  • Toshihiko Kodama

    I understand to some extent that the current specification does not properly reflect the tag exclusion setting on Explores, but user psychology leads them to think that "as long as it can be set, it should work".

    If the exclusion setting does not work correctly as a specification, I would like to request a modification to disable the tag exclusion setting in the UI.

    Thank you!

  • Joey

    Yes please remove this feature, I constantly need to inform our ever changing team leads and managers that excluding tags does not work the way they think. Business decisions (possibly incorrect) are made based on these reports.

  • Hannah Lucid

    Can the ticket tag "Completed" be removed from this post since this hasn't actually been resolved and only a word around has been provided?

  • Nathan Cassella

    Here's another feature that only half works in Zendesk.

    This entire company relies on the community to create the workarounds for simple features that should exist from the initial release.


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