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  • Paulo Connor (paul.connor)

    What browser are you using?

    The native spellcheck in chrome should work but it will not work for others like firefox.

  • Colton

    We use Grammarly, it's brilliant! 

  • The Curated

    We are using Safari - that is good know, we will try using chrome!

    There were mixed reviews for Grammarly so we haven't tried it yet. Thanks for your feedback :)

  • Sydney Neubauer

    We are a big company that has specific rules in downloading 3rd party apps.

    We also use different browsers where the behavior can differ

    It would be preferable if Zendesk had a native spellcheck - upvoted!

  • Anastasia Kachanova


  • Rebecca Hill

    We use Grammarly and it is great, but would really be useful to have something within ZenDesk that won't send until errors are corrected or accepted.

  • Yorhanna A.

     Adoraria que o Zendesk tivesse o seu próprio corretor autográfico, ajudaria bastante nossa empresa. 

     O trabalho de configurar máquina por máquina com o time de suporte para instalação de aplicativos terceiros (por questões de segurança) afeta demais a disponibilidade dos agentes e controle da necessidade em cada uma destas máquinas. 


  • Amanda Rice


  • PatientenserviceSavir

    Wäre auch mein Anliegen.

    Viele Grüße


  • Attractive.Media

    Wow - thought something like this would be standard in an app as developed (and expensive!) as Zendesk. When it is added, it could be something we toggle in Admin to either:

    • Turn Spellcheck Off Globally
    • Turn Spellcheck On Within Tickets Only
    • Prohibit Tickets from Submitting until Spellcheck Issues Resolved

    Hopefully we can get this on the roadmap pretty soon as using more third-party apps for functionality that could be native in Zendesk doesn't feel so great, imho.



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