Agent Notification app - official feature request thread

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  • Emily Sia

    In testing out the notification app, I noticed that the broadcast function only adds a red dot on the bell icon. Is there a way that we can make announcements more prominent, like a pop out message or a notification sound?

  • Anita

    This is a very useful app to relay important messages to all/select agent groups. Could you please consider the following that would greatly benefit usage of this app?

    Notification persistence - Currently notifications appear only for active/logged in agents. Notifications should persist and pop up for agents who log in after broadcast.

    Pin feature -  it would be great to have the pin feature back for important notifications

    Scroll -  if the notification message is long unable to scroll down and see the full message (a bug?)

  • Mohamed Hanafy

    Any future plans of adding the option to notify one agent and allowing webhooks or APIs to the app?


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