Calculating Next Reply After First Reply Time


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  • Gab Guinto
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Matthew,

    That's right. There's no function or any native options within Explore that could exactly pull up the date or timestamp of agent reply that came after the first response. But, the workaround that you have in mind – events where the status was changed from open to pending – might be a possible solution. In your workflow, are first agent responses sent out when the ticket is in the New status? This way, the first reply can be distinguished from the subsequent replies when the status is changed from Open to Pending. Under the Ticket updates dataset, you can create a custom attribute to get the timestamp of the first reply by using the earliest date function for agent public comment. This technically should be the first reply timestamp. You can then calculate the duration from ticket creation to first reply (from the custom date attribute) using DATE_DIFF. This will the First reply time in your Ticket updates dataset.

    You can create another custom attribute that will get the timestamps of events where the status was changed from Open to Pending. You may check out this thread for some guidance on how to use Changes - Field name and - Previous/New value in an attribute formula. Use the date_diff function again in another custom metric to calculate for the duration between ticket creation and these timestamps. If your report is sliced by ticket ID, you can use the aggregator MIN to get the minimum value.

    The difference between the custom First reply time custom, and the other custom metric should give you the duration between first agent response  and the next agent reply.

    Sorry if Explore does not have native functions for this, and if we're not able to provide exact recipes for this custom report. But, this might be worth exploring, and I hope this would work for you. Thanks Matthew!

  • Rebecca Che

    Hi, our request is a bit similar but what we want to measure is the agent's secondary reply time. So once the customer replied to their comment on the agent first public comment then the secondary public reply will be sent by the agent. so we want to measure this duration to track how long time it took, I wish to check if there is any recipe or possible way to track? from the zendesk Explore seems there is no Secondary reply time measurement. It will be appreciated if you can give some guide or solution on this. Thanks.

  • GoGet Support

    Hi there, dropping a message here as I am also interested to find out the question raised by Rebecca.  The issue we are facing right now is with the use of Zendesk SDK, the first trigger response is being taken as first public response and therefore we have no means to track our actual agent first response time. Am thinking if we can calculate the time between the trigger and second public reply, it might give us a gauge. 

    Look forward to understanding it more! Thank you.

  • Venn Villanueva

    Hi Rebecca and GoGet Support, 

    Unlike first reply time, It is not possible to report on subsequent reply times as they are not explicitly captured by metrics on the back end. You can also check this article for reference

    Ideally, you can create a custom metric as suggested by Gab that will count the duration between changes on Ticket status if your agents are sending responses and setting ticket status to Pending which will change to Open once your customers responded.

    Hope this helps!

  • Qin Brian

    In many cases, the end-user revisited tickets to reply what agent has finished first reply content like asking for more information.  Ticket status is still pending or open. No meaning to change status. But the Next reply time is very critical to check SLA.


  • Pat Harland-Lee

    Heya, we need to show (and agents themselves want to see, compared to colleagues) averages for Next Reply Time (not just the time to reply after the client's response to our first reply).

    Gab are you able to share an example screenshot of what you mentioned as I had trouble following along and creating it myself. Here's what I've got so far:

  • Pat Harland-Lee

    Heya, just realised it should be "VALUE(Field changes time (min))" instead of "[Ticket ID]", however that only gets calendar hours. How do I get it for Business Hours?

  • Alex Zheng
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hey Pat,
    Field changes time is currently only available in calendar hours at the moment. I would suggest upvoting and adding to this feedback post as posts with higher community engagement will be prioritized by our product team.
    Best regards,
  • Pedro Rodrigues
    Community Moderator

    Hi everyone,

    Here's a community tip with a method to calculate Next Reply Time for async channels by leveraging Support and Explore (and without having to depend on ticket status changes in the metric formula).

    There are some limitations but I got pretty good results so far (in-depth analysis on my blog: external link).

    Have fun!

  • Ariya

    Up Vote!

    This will help us to for counting FRT with Proactive Ticket (Ticket that created by agent)


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