Feature Request: Integrate Facebook Groups with ZenDesk

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    Chris Drylie
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Lydia Forsyth

    Our team has been focusing on improving the overall reliability of our Social platform with a new architecture looking to be released early next year, this new approach will also release the following:

    Architecture changes
    • Increased number of pages supported
    • Improved reliability and rate limits
    • Improved architecture and newer technology 
    New Features:

    Ad support:
    • Dynamic Ads
    • Boosted Ads
    • Standard Ad 
    Moderation tools:
    • Hide users comment
    • Remove comment
    • Block User

      This will be coming to Facebook and shortly after Instagram Public. Once we have these fundamentals in place we will be looking at adding new features like Facebook Groups.
  • Andres Vogler

    +1 for this integration. We also use a lot Facebook groups

  • Anton M.


  • TicketMaestro

    Our use case is very similar to OP. This is a much needed integration.

  • Marcela Arango

    +1 for this integration. Facebook groups are very important for us 

  • Julie Russell

    Yes!! Please integrate with Facebook Groups. Our company's vast majority of social engagements are also on Facebook groups

  • Björn Hering

    +1 yes, please integrate Facebook Groups!

  • Kai Seyda

    +1 yes pls, integration with fb user groups is much needed

  • Jed

    +1 yes, any update on this integration?

  • Ashley Longseth

    I would also like to see this integration. Thanks!

  • Andy F.

    +1 Please give us Facebook Group integration! :-D

  • Kate Watson

    Yes, You are right Britt. This is required the integration of Facebook groups with Zendesk. It helps to resolve the query related to Facebook.

  • Steph Yuan

    +1 on this, most of our power users are in the FB Group

  • Dave Dyson
    Just a reminder – don't forget to upvote the post at the top!
  • Chris Drylie
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Everyone, 

    This is a great suggestion, we are currently reviewing our social platform support and I would love to get in touch with some of you to go over this use-case and have a conversation about your social media needs.

    If you would be interested in starting a conversation, please feel free to reply here.

  • Johannes Casados

    Chris Drylie, I am interested.


  • jean.arnall

    Chris Drylie, I have customers who are also interested in integrating with Facebook Groups. Please can you contact me in this regard?

  • Sébastien

    Hi there!
    We are interesting also in an integration with Facebook groups.
    The goal would be to create tickets automatically from a Facebook group post, like it is the case with the Facebook pages and Facebook Messenger from pages.


  • Sally Wright

    +100 to this request. We use a Facebook Group that is a very, very active community of current customers of our business. As the group gets more and more interactive, it is less and less scalable to leave ZD to answer posts, comments and msgs from the Group. We have our business page integrated with ZD, so we can manage half of our social media through the ZD integration, but the engagement of our Facebook Group far outscales the engagement we have on our official Facebook Business page. 

  • Lydia Forsyth

    Chris Drylie is there any update on this?

  • Niki D.

    Another +1 on this - I know our team would use this for our Facebook Group!

  • Andy F.

    Hey Zendesk, just a heads up that this request has been open for over three years now, causing us to lose confidence that Zendesk will actually make enhancements based on user feedback. Is this typical, in that user requests don't get addressed for over three years?

  • Chris Drylie
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Andy F.

    I understand your frustration here, one thing we did not want to do was add new features on top of old technologies, which could lead to larger issues for our customers, we are looking at improving our overall architecture which is not a small undertaking. 

    Now with a path way to this being achieved, we will be looking at new features. 

  • Britt Mauriss

    Based on Chris Drylie's update above, we're in for at least another 1-2 years of waiting for Facebook Group functionality to make it on the product team's radar, let alone an EAP. I'm not optimistic. 

  • Chris Drylie
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Britt Mauriss 

    Thank you for your comment.

    I'm pleased to inform you that the initial release of our new platform is scheduled for Q1 2024, followed by the Instagram Public platform shortly thereafter. Once these two platforms are launched, we will proceed to assess the features and establish our priorities accordingly.

  • Shawna James
    Community Product Feedback Specialist
    Thank you for your continued feedback all and Chris for this wonderful update! We look forward to seeing these launches in the coming months, thanks again!
  • Chris Drylie
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Also please feel free to fill out this form and join our Stakeholders for social channels.



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