Use Followers as VIEW parameter conditions


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  • Rickard Läckgren


    We just started using followers and expected this to be a view as well. We have a huge need for this development. The original post is dated October 2019, as you refer users to make views this should be prioritized. Is there any update on this function?

  • Meg Gunther

    I'm at a loss why this has been marked so low on priority. I do not see any update in the last year when this was posted. Can we please get an update on this? 

  • Patrick J Mims

    I wouldn't think this would be too difficult. Every email that is CC'd is associated with a User. I wanna know what Users are CC'd, specifically myself. If this can't be done, perhaps allow tickets to be assigned to multiple Agents. The lack of this feature makes my job significantly harder. Some tix I am a passive Follower, others I am active and precious time ticks away while I either overlook the ticket or am unable to promptly locate it.

    This is a major limitation. IBM would appreciate progress on this.

  • Rob Lees

    Any updates on this Salvador Vazquez?

    Shocked this functionality isn't a default setting, especially for Light Agents where they don't need to see tickets they aren't following or CC'd on!

  • Thomas Joussot

    +1 feature request

  • WhatsApp Connector

    Hello, please let us know if there is any update on this. Thanks

  • Bill Cao

    It's been almost 3 years since the first post dated October 2019. I am one out of so many customers crying for this feature.

  • Ron de Vries

    This should be implemented a.s.a.p. It's really frustrating for our agents to move from the Views page in order to see tickets in which they are CC-ed or Follower. The proposed marketplace app is nice for sure but this should be basic functionality and not a paid add-on

  • Ron de Vries

    Any updates on this Zendesk? 

  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Hey everyone,

    Sorry for our delayed response and thanks so much for your patience while we look into this functionality. Followers as a view parameter is still something we plan on addressing but first our resources are being directed towards upgrading our infrastructure. When our work is complete with that project we plan to pick this up again some time next year. 

    We will be sure to share more information and updates as they are available in this post. Thanks to all for taking the time to share your feedback with us!

  • John Westover

    Adding support to this as well. A necessary feature and super strange it isn't available out of the box.

  • Jason COCKING

    We have a lot of users that follow our tickets. Right now a user cannot do an export on their followed tickets. 

    Please add this functionality. 


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