Change sender address when creating a NEW ticket on behalf of the requester

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  • Grete Andersson


    We use a Zendesks app called "Select an adress". There is a free option and one that cost per month that inlcludes a few more features. We use the free version and it works fine.

    Via the app you may choose what address you send from, when you create a new ticket.  

    That is our solution at the moment. :) 

  • Alan

    +1 to being able to configure this based on the agent's group.

  • John James

    Furthermore one!

    When incorporating with Web Widget it is a lot of significant that the ticket answers pass by the right email. Presently we have activities in various topographical zones with a particular email for each geo. In spite of the fact that we can course it effectively to the right gathering by the url the answers to these tickets go through the overall email address. As said before it is possible that we: 1) have a default email address for every gathering or 2) we add a condition to the trigger which is: assuming gathering X, answer from email Y.

    It is a lot of significant!

  • Joel Fleischman

    Hi Support. 

    This is a MOST have for us. 


    It's surprising that this was not implemented yet..... 

  • Tim Broere

    I am used to Zendesk reacting to lively posts like these. Why are they ignoring this one? We would also welcome the possibility to change our From: address for tickets.


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