Notify agent if requester email is bounced or rejected

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  • Michael Laxganger

    Adding another +1 here. We had submitted a support request on March 4th, 2022. We were only referred to this entry, which has existed since 2014. Since then we have only been put off with every request. It is very disappointing that this feature request has not been implemented for over 8 years.

  • Julian Kossak

    And one more +1...

    It's a shame, such an important and frequently asked feature, which is nothing super special complex, not to implement for nearly a decade.

    We are not in the 1950s. Today in our digital world, 8 years is are a really long time...

  • Santiago

    +1! Please get this fix developed :-)


  • Milena Rusanova

    +1 from my side as well.

    Identifying incorrect email addresses is also an important topic for the support teams in our company.

    Our teams are sending proactive messages to our customers and it is crucial to know if the stored email address is invalid and the message was not delivered.

    We need the option to create a View for rejected/bounced messages for proactive tickets or tickets created from a contact form with the API.

  • Chris Liu


    It's really a basic function should have for Email. We cannot work in a black box, waiting for the client contact us to complain not receive emails. Please fix this ASAP.


  • Mare Donohue

    What's the status of this?  Undeliverables are not good when they go undetected.

    Last update that it would be worked on in 2022!

  • Stephen Unterberg

    This issue was reported nearly 10 years ago.  I am surprised and disappointed that such a simple matter like this has not yet been addressed in such a time frame.  


  • Nick S

    Hi team, did we have an update on this one? Our agents need to verify an email has been received from their ticket and hasn't bounced. Hoping this is available soon but would appreciate an update on where it's at. 

  • Chris Thornton

    What is the progress on the development of this improvement?

  • Andrew Jones

    Would be a big benefit for us and from the looks of it many more.. we've had many customers email us saying why haven't we replied back when we've sent multiple emails to them.

  • Julian Kossak

    Looks like a never ending story...

    How is it possible, that a big player like ZenDesk is obviously not able to realize such a simple solution for this important aspect of their users?

  • iViking

    +1 if this is still not sorted but I think I know how it happens as Shopify is the same and equally frustrating.  These guys do not send emails themselves - they use a third party like Sendgrid to send them. They likely have just one account to send all emails (obvs with our send address) BUT any bounce emails are notified in such a way that they are logged on the master account and not split by sender. There MUST be a way to sort this but for some reason the issue is not seen as important enough.

    I now send all my Ecommerce transaction emails via our own email sender 'Mandrill' - costs a little extra but means that we get notified of every duff address within seconds of it bouncing and enables us to take urgent action to verify the address (which invariably is mishear/mistype by agent or customer).  We get regular bounces for a variety of reasons and it also means we can see no. of email reads etc.

    Come on Zendesk - do something!!


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