Reporting on Customer location.


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    Eugene Orman
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi everyone, 

    It looks like there was a bit of misunderstanding on this thread. While Explore doesn't provide the Map visualization the same Update country attribute available in Insights was always available in Explore. You can find it in the Ticket updates dataset.

    Here is an example query:

  • Naomi Watnick

    Hi @... - Do you have any updates on this?  This is becoming a hotter topic for our company and we really need to report on customer activity by locale (where they are submitting tickets by the portal).


  • Naomi Watnick

    Thanks @... - 

    Yes - it would be understood that the results could be skewed by VPN usage, etc.  But this would be better than no data.  

  • CJ Johnson

    This is marked answered but it's absolutely bizarre that this would only be available on the update dataset? 
    At the same time, Zendesk is telling people to post to the same forum where you are telling people *not* to post, and post in this thread instead, in the very thread?

    Edit: Also, the proposed solution appears to be non-functional: 

    Where do you want us to request this stuff? 

  • Kévin Arnoult

    @Zendesk - this thread is marked as answered which is pretty misleading given that the solution proposed ("Official Comment" on top) is not referring to the fact that the location in Explore is based on the user profile setting but not on the IP location. Can we have this clearly stated?

  • John Morrison

    I agree.  This feature really needs to be brought back. The numbers that are skewed by VPN would be minimal.


    On a related note - is there any way to use Explore to report on Calls by Area Code from Zendesk Talk data? It might give us a method to identify users by state (knowing that some people might take their cell phones out of state).

  • Maria Muniz

    Hello Zendesk Support,

    Could you confirm that the only way to collect this country data would be for us to add it to our contact form if this is not automatically collected by Zendesk?

  • Anais

    "Country" is very broad for places like Australia or the US... Any way we could get a bit more granularity, please?

  • Sarah Anscombe

    Hi - this does not actually give the customer's location. I was sent this response:

    Hi Sarah,

    Thank you for your response! I checked with one of our Explore experts on this and unfortunately this isn't a way to capture customer location in Explore. The attributes I included in my previous response capture the Locale ID which is essentially the language codes listed here which I apologize that it wasn't quite what you were looking for.

    I'm going to mark you request as internal product feedback and I also recommend posting in our Explore Product Feedback Community to let our Product Managers know why this feature would benefit you and your business. Other users are able to upvote this and comment if they've found successful alternatives.


    This is shown in Insights as a map but not captured in Explore. Will this be available once Insights has been removed?

    Thank you

  • Ulises Soto

    Eugene Orman the update country attribute is not working.


  • Alex Zheng
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hey Ulises,
    Our product team has released a fix for this and this should be working properly again.
  • Louise Dissing

    Hi Sarah,

    You would be able to create a report as so:

    Dataset: Support Tickets [Default dashboard]

    Metric: COUNT(Tickets)

    Column/Row: Requester Locale

    With a report setup like that, you'd get the number of tickets from the locales, they've been requested from.

    I hope this answers your question :-)

    #helpsome regards,
    Louise Dissing
    Team Lead @

  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Hey Sarah,

    Our Explore product managers are looking into ways to ensure feature parity between Insights and Explore. We don't have any information on if this particular attribute will carry over or when it would become available. That being said, I will pass your feedback along to our PM's so they're aware of this need.

    Thanks for taking the time to share this with us!

  • Elaine
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi pstrauss,

    The closest workaround for this is for you to use the End-user time zone attribute from the Zendesk Talk dataset but this isn't set automatically based on the phone number used by an end-user.

    You can check out the Community post Set local time zone for voice and text end-users using their phone numbers, but that is not really scalable.

    You can try something similar to the solution from the Community post I shared above by setting up a custom user field with the area code by parsing the with Liquid's slice function. From that point, you can then report on the custom user field as an attribute in Explore.

    I understand that the workarounds above are complicated, but these are the best solutions that we have for now.

    Feel free to submit a feature request on our Feedback forum. :)

  • Dave Dyson

    Hi Naomi –

    I checked with our product team, and unfortunately this is not on the roadmap. The feature in Insights was not particularly accurate (e.g. it could give incorrect results if the requester was using a VPN). Our suggestion (though I understand this is probably not ideal) is to create a ticket or user field and ask users when they create a ticket. I'm sorry I don't have a better answer for you.


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