Exporting Dashboard to pdf should include all tabs of the dashboard! not only one tab!

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  • Emma
    Zendesk Luminary

    You have to schedule the dashboard to email to you as pdf, this is the workaround I found. Best of luck!

  • Brecht Smit

    This email sheduling works well if you don't use data filters on your dashboard!

    Let's say you have a data filter for period you want to see the results: let say results of last month.

    And another data filter to specify for which phone number or brand you want all your queries to show results.

    The 'automatic' emailing pdf just exports all data since you start using Zendesk...not possible even to determine the data filters in a setting when configuring the email forwarding pdfs....

    So no use at all. 
    Also adding bookmarks aren't applied at all to this programmed email forwarding pdfs in Explorer.

    So, this is really unusable!




  • Jay Gianan

    Hi, I'm also trying to work with Dashboard data for a long list of agents. However when exported, it cuts the data that is visible on dashboard. Like only half list of agents and data is extracted. Is there a chance when PDF file is extracted it should include all data on that 1 tab with long list of info or is it really restricted on the dashboard view?

  • CJ Johnson

    It really is restricted to a picture of what is visible on the Dashboard. :( 

  • Jay Gianan

    Thank you. If that's the case , we will extract the data in excel or csv form and it appears to have the complete list. is it possible to have different export conditions per tab?  Like first tab on CSV, the other tabs on PDF?

    Also could there be a column configuration to allow a long list to be shown as 2 columns? just to address the long list not being fully shown on the PDF exported files.


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