Attach multiple Zendesk domains, single Slack team

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  • Dana Dixon

    Annemiek your zendesk setup makes total sense to me, if teams don't need to cross collaborate it's actually much harder to administer and is much more complex than it needs to be throwing everyone in same zendesk bucket. The entire company on the same slack instance however makes total sense. Meanwhile people are putting one team on zendesk, another on freshdesk or using Zapier as a middle man. It's lame... I think what zendesk fails to realize is many organizations have almost completely shifted away from email for internal communication. 

  • Carlota Bergillos

    Hello. This would be helpful for us too. We are using two different Zendesk instances for two different teams (Partner Support and User Support), since functionalities needed are different. We would like to enjoy side conversations in both, but at the moment it's not possible to have Slack integrated twice. Do we have any updates on this? Thank you!

  • Rob Moore


  • Carrot Fertility, Inc.

    Hi Thread! We solved for this by using Zapier. It's not perfect but we're a good 96% of the way to getting everything we need. It runs multichannel and can be replicated across difference instances. 

  • David Gillespie
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Folks,

    Just wanted to say a big thanks for the ongoing feedback about this request.

    We're still capturing feedback and welcome anyone who would like to have the ability to connect multiple subdomains using the integration.

    We don't have an active roadmap for the integration at the moment but this feedback will help inform the roadmap going forward. 

    And yes, this feature request is at the top of the backlog for the Slack integration.



  • Tim Overeem

    Hello, would love to hear updates on this. Do you recommend the Zapier integration in the meantime?

  • Tim Overeem

    Hi, any news? David Gillespie


    The Zapier integration is not fitting, as it doesn't allow side conversations and/or internal notes to be used.


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