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  • Eric Gao
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Marcel,

    Thanks for reaching out and hope your day is going well. If the goal is to compare the AVG # of Tickets Created per Day between this month and the previous month, we can leverage the default metrics/attributes in Explore  to achieve this:

    SUM(Tickets created - Daily average) in the Metrics section; this allows us to look at the AVG # of Tickets Created per Day

    - Ticket created - Month in the Rows section; this allows us to group the result by month

    - We can further filter the Ticket created - month attribute by specifying the advanced date range to 1 month in the past to Today (as highlighted above); this will limit the result to only show data from from this month and the previous month.

    We will now see the daily average by month in our query:

    We can also specify the decimal place (Chart configuration > Display format > Custom > Decimal place) to get a more accurate result:

    For validation, we can report on the daily # of ticket created for May and June (by Day of month) and calculate the daily average, as they should match up with what we have in the other query:

    Hope this helps Marcel and let us know if you run into any issues or have additional questions (:


    Warm Regards,


  • Brian Blumenthal

    Spot on article.  Thank you very much.


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