Changing date format in help center and zendesk?


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  • Carsten -

    Hi Dustin

    In the HelpCenter you can change this by removing "timeago=true" on your datestamps. Ie on the request list page you change {{date created_at timeago=true}} to {{date created_at}}. Then it will show you the exact date instead of x days ago.

    I don't think you can change it in the Agent interface though...

  • Dustin Sigmon

    This appears to briefly work but then reverts back to "timeago" formatting about a second after showing the date.

    My theme is based on the Copenhagen one but I don't see any additional things in the CSS or JS that would cause this.

    I do see the code you are talking about but oddly enough not on the request page as it seems to use:


    <dt>{{t 'requester'}}</dt>

    <dt>{{t 'created'}}</dt>
    <dd>{{date request.created_at}}</dd>

    <dt>{{t 'last_activity'}}</dt>
    <dd>{{date request.updated_at}}</dd>

  • Carsten -

    Try adding "timeago=false"? Might work..

  • Dustin Sigmon

    It doesn't.

    Like I said it briefly works then changes to the "timeago" format regardless.

    Something in the CSS or JS is causing it for that theme but I can't find anything that would.

  • Carsten -

    Hmm... I will look into this when i have the time - If Zendesk doesn't beat me to it :-)

  • Timo Pukki

    At least for my need in similar case the " timeago = false " amendment really hit the spot.

  • Edward Ionescu


    It's not working. The same theme, Copenhagen. I tried both timeago=false and removing timeago.
    Why does it have to be so complicated and why do we have to struggle with such easy things? I wonder who's reporting after Today and Yesterday instead of an actual date... 


  • Sushant Awalekar

    Hi Edward Ionescu

    You can use the format attribute to control the display of date and time stamps.

    for ex:  <dd>{{date request.created_at format='long'}}</dd>

    These are the available format option you can use.

    Check more about date helpers here

    Hope this helps!!!



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