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  • Yvonne Martinez

    Hi Kaz!

    We recently had an issue with line breaks in email signatures that has since then been solved.

    It seemed that multiple fixes were required to ensure that the duplicate line breaks were not getting added to notifications.

    I've confirmed that this is now working with a couple of accounts, but if you are still having troubles with this, please don't hesitate to let us know and we will dig into this further for you!

  • Jiří Zralý

    Hello, we also have problems with line breaks after signature. Could you please take a look at this? Thanks. Our subdomain is blueboardcz.

  • Jessie Schutz
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Jiří!

    I've gone ahead and opened a ticket for you so our Support team can take a closer look at your issue. We'll see you there shortly!

  • Cedric F. Jacob

    Hey guys,

    Some of my clients had a similar issue, so I created an app.

    My new Signature 4 Groups app might be helpful here.

    It allows admins to set one signature per group using any placeholders, liquid markup as well as HTML for formatting.

    Let me know if you have any questions. I wrote a small blog-post about the app here:


  • Joshua Morris

    I had a similar issue and I removed the personal signature and created a company-wide signature.  Now both signatures are showing and I don't know how to fix it.

  • Jason Schaeffer
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Joshua,

    There are a few places that the signature can be added from. You will want to see if a common agent signature was added following the below steps:

    Click the Admin icon in the sidebar, then select Settings > Agents.

    In the Signature text box, you will see the signature text and any placeholders.

    Love your Zendesk"

    If you want to let agents add their own signature or add personal information to the common signature, include the placeholder. It's included by default.

    There are also Branded Signatures that can be added:

    Click the Admin icon in the sidebar, then select Manage > Brands.

    Expand the brand you want to update.

    In the Agent signature text box, you will see the information included in that brand's signature.

    If you are not seeing brands in either of these places and you have confirmed your personal agent signature was deleted, please let us know and we can open a ticket to further investigate for you.

    Thank you!

    Jason Schaeffer |

  • khawar sohail

    Depending on which application is used, there are a number of places where the signature can be added. You will want to determine whether the common agent signature has been added to your account by following the following steps:

    • Click on the Admin icon in the sidebar, then select Settings > Agents from the menu that appears.
    • If you click on the Signature text box, you will be able to see your signature text as well as any placeholders you might have.Zendesk rocks! I love it!".
    • You can include the placeholder in your organization's signature if you want to let agents add their own signature or add personal information to the signature.
    • As well as Branded Signatures, the following are also available to be added: Choose the Manage > Brands menu option on the left sidebar by clicking the Admin icon on the sidebar.
    • If you would like to update the brand you are working on, please do so. When you click on the link to the Agent signature box, you will be able to see the information included in that brand's signature.
  • joseph Honey

    Previously, I had a similar issue and I ended up removing the personal signature and creating a signature that was applied across the company.  I don't know how to fix it, but now both signatures appear and it doesn't look right.

  • Cheeny Aban
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Joseph, 

    Since you already have a company-wide signature applied on the account but still seeing two signatures on your correspondence, I would suggest that you check your profile to make sure that your personal signature has been removed. Once confirmed that there is only one signature set up and you are still seeing both of them, you may initiate a conversation with us so we can have a closer look into the account. 
  • jawad ahmad

    Here are the most common reasons to such a behavior:

    1. There may be an empty paragraph tag (<P>)on top of your signature template. It does not add any content to the signature other than an empty space. An empty paragraph usually looks like this: <P>&nbsp;</P>.
    2. When adding an image or a table on top of your signature you may add a too large top margin for the added object. To make sure that does not happen you can edit the MARGIN-TOP attribute to be "0". 
    3. Similarly to MARGIN you may also need to add  PADDING. The padding clears an area around the content (inside the border) of an element. Therefore if you create an object with assigned PADDING you may experience too wide top spacing between e-mail body and signature. In such a case it is best to assign PADDING-TOP in the value 0. For example: <TABLE style="PADDING-TOP: 0; PADDING-RIGHT: 3pt; PADDING-LEFT: 3pt">
    4. It is also possible to set the line height for each line created in your signature, this is done by using the CSS style LINE-HEIGHT. However, abusing this style may cause unnecessary spacing. 
    5. Consider the difference in line breaking. Instead of hitting Enter key (generating new paragraph) or appending additional table cell, you may simply use Shift+Enter shortcut that only breaks the current line. 
    6. The paragraphs generated in HTML code may be displayed differently depending on the application used. For example in OWA application all paragraphs are shown without any margins, when in desktop Outlook the spacing is pretty visible. To avoid such problem you may add MARGIN and PADDING attributes (like in points 2 and 3).
    7. You might want to implement a scenario where your signature is divided into two separate rules. For instance: one of the rules contains a signature and the second one contains only a disclaimer. Once both templates are inserted into your message you notice that there is a gap between them. This can be resolved by adding the style MARGIN: 0 for any element after the <BODY> tag in the second template. It would look like this:
      <P style="MARGIN: 0">...</P>
    8. When creating a template in some third-party tool it may add some tags that are not supported by our software nor even valid according to W3C standards. Importing the code created in such a tool to the Template Editor of any of CodeTwo products may cause the template to be displayed incorrectly. One of the problems can also be some additional spacing. For that reason we always recommend designing signatures directly in our built-in Template Editor.
    9. If you are experiencing unnecessary spacing when sending e-mails from iPhones or iPads please check if your iOS signature does not have any spacing in it. To do so please access the device Settings, navigate to Mail, Contacts, Calendars:
  • Yousaf Honey

    In the recent past, we had an issue with line breaks in the email signatures that has since been resolved.

    There seemed to be a number of fixes that needed to be made to ensure that the duplicate line breaks were not being added to the notifications in the future.

    In my testing, I have confirmed that this is working with a couple of accounts now. If you are still experiencing difficulties with this, please do not hesitate to let us know and we will dig into this further for you.

  • Kamal Ali

    I continue to get area restoration messages from Namecheap. I a not ready to reestablish the area through them since I got the space through ucraft. Does the area restore through ucraft? If not, how would I reestablish it?

  • noor fatima

    I created a company-wide signature after removing the personal signature from comment actions. I don't know how to fix the signatures.

  • dawid hud

    Previously, I had a similar difficulty and I ended up putting off the personal signature and growing a signature that become implemented across the organization.  I do not know how to restoration it, but now both signatures seem and it does not appearance proper.

  • Dane
    Zendesk Engineering
    Hi All, 

    Unfortunately, we don't have a feature to restore deleted signatures. If this personally happens to me, I'll check old emails with the said signature for me to have an idea on how it was formatted.

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