Create email tickets with no email response


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  • Kristof Van Kriekingen

    Hey David,

    I assume you have a user in your zendesk with the email

    If that user is an agent himself, you can modify all the triggers that send out mails by stating ' request is not >the agent with the email< '.

    If it's just a regular end user account, you could add a tag to him, for example ' no_mail_please '

    and add the Ticket Tags - Contains none of the following - ' no_mail_please '
    To all the mailtriggers.

    That way when a ticket gets created by your user ( with the alert mail ) it will automatically add the tag to his tickets. And no mail will be send.

    Is this something that you are looking for?

    Kind regards

  • Samantha Flaherty

    The above tip is great, we also have an alert address setup as an end user and have placed it in an 'organisation' where you can customise settings within the organisation profile - rules for where the tickets go etc. It also makes customising the existing triggers/automations easy peasy, as you can just add an exclusion rule for 'organisation = 'XYZ'' :) 

    It's important to make sure the 'alert' organisation doesn't run by email domain so it doesn't affect new users (you may need to remove this as it can auto-populate depending on how you create the org)

    Hope this helps,


    (added a screenshot to illustrate)

  • David Lewis

    This is exactly what I was looking for.



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