Routing Zendesk tickets into Intercom

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  • Troy Hickerson

    Hi Amanda, any chance you were able to solve this issue? We have a similar situation where we've built a software integration for another platform and users may start with the other main platform to ask about our integration. We're on Intercom and the other company with more originating tickets is on Zendesk.

  • David Hall
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Amanda and Troy.  A couple of options you might consider:

    - If your requirements are fairly simple (e.g. "all new Tickets with the tag "assign_to_sales" should create an Intercom Conversation with Sales Team 1, which contains the comments from the Ticket"), a Trigger/Webhook combination might do the job.  You'd create a Trigger watching for the Ticket Created event, and it'd pass the important details to a Webhook which creates a new Conversation using the Intercom APIs.

    - For a more complex setup (e.g. "depending on which Group the Ticket is assigned to, create an Intercom Conversation for the corresponding Sales Team, and CC the sales manager for that team, and set the priority based on the customer's Organization name, etc etc...") Zendesk Integration Services (ZIS) could be used to create a custom integration with Intercom.


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