Removing "Null" as an Option from Required Ticket Fields for End-Users

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  • Dave Dyson
    Thanks for the feedback, Tino!
  • Budke, John

    Yeah, this null option is a bother for me too.  There is a community article about how to get rid of it somewhere, but it's a lot of coding and I think requires a higher version of HC (we have 1.7 - which I can't get upgraded either!!).  

  • Tino R.

    @... no problem! Any idea if this request successfully made it onto a product roadmap? Also, do you have any insights as to which article John is referring to above? I would love to get my hands on that article if it is still an available resource. 

    Thanks so much.

  • Pablo Kenney
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Tino R. you should hear back from the product team soon - I moved this from the original topic to the Guide/Help Center topic to ensure that the right product leaders see this and can respond. 

  • Gail

    Pablo Kenney, I also need this capability - thank you.


  • Traian Vila

    From my point of view this is a bug, it really defeats the purpose of a required field if one is allowed to close a ticket with empty value. Also it didn't use to be like that, I suppose this was introduced at the same time when the default drop-down was added in the ticket fields.

  • Budke, John

    Yes, we need the null hyphen eliminated too, as per my 12/2021 post! 

  • Kasper Sørensen
    Zendesk Product Manager

    I am not able to reproduce this issue. Here is a ticket field that I created as an example:

    Note the checkbox "Required to submit a request". You need to ensure that this is checked.

    This is what it looks like then when I try to submit a request form without that field checked.

  • Gorka Cardona-Lauridsen
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi all, as Kasper mentions, we have not been able to reproduce this issue.

    Are any of you able to reproduce it with the checkbox "Required to submit a request" checked?

    If so we would very much like to have a look at what is wrong. Let us know and ideally provide reproduction steps.


  • Natalie_Lorente

    Yes, this is happening to our team right now. Can confirm the checkbox "Required to submit a request" is checked.

    The strange thing is, it was working correctly, and I just noticed (not sure how long it's been going on, maybe a few weeks) that it is no longer giving an error message when we complete the form. Nothing that I can see in field or forms has been changed recently.

    Repro steps:

    Field condition settings: 

    1. Field type: drop down

    2."Required to submit a request" checked 

    3. Permissions: Agent can edit

    4. Default value is set to -

    Ticket steps

    1. Tap 'solve' on a ticket

    2. Ticket solves with default value - and no error message



  • Gorka Cardona-Lauridsen
    Zendesk Product Manager

    We are looking into it and will post an update here as soon as we have something.

  • Jonathan Whale

    We are experiencing problems with this also and require this change to be made asap.


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