Calculated Metrics not returning correct value


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  • Chandra Robrock
    Community Moderator
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    While I don't have CSAT data in my particular Zendesk instance to test the exact formula you build, I'd still love to see if I (or another community member) could help. :)

    In order to do so, would you mind elaborating a bit more on what you're seeing returned on your end? Are you seeing some tickets returned but it's not the tickets that you'd expect to see? Or are you unable to see any results returned at all?

  • Rebecca Che

    hi Chandra, thanks for your reply. the ticket returned value is incorrect.

    When I use the above metrics to show the ticket then it showing so less tickets, however, in normal, if put metrics as Count(tickets) and filter the  specific value Ticket Tag then it returns more data

  • Chandra Robrock
    Community Moderator
    Most Helpful - 2021

    Thanks for passing along these screenshots!

    It looks like there are 3 filters applied in the left query and only 2 filters applied in right query, so I'm curious if that might help explain the discrepancy you're seeing.

    From your screenshot though, I can't figure out what the third filter might be that has been applied to your query on the left. 

  • Dylan Tragjasi
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Rebecca & Chandra,

    As Chandra has mentioned, it's likely that the 3rd filter that you have in place on the query that uses the custom metric is causing this particular discrepancy. I also just wanted to provide some guidance around how the custom metric should be formatted. Based on our article Reporting on tags, you should try and use the INCLUDES_ANY function instead of the equals operator. 

    This means your formula should look something like this:

    I don't think this should change the result in this particular case, but you should use this function when checking for the existence of tags in your queries moving forward.
    If you're able to compare the two queries you have built, using the updated formula, as well as ensuring you have consistent filters across both queries, we can investigate any discrepancies if they continue to be an issue.


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