Is it possible to restrict the access to issue types in your Jira integration?

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  • Sean Bourke
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Catherine,

    At the moment, the create issue dialogue in Zendesk will automatically list all of the issue types associated with the selected project in Jira. I've recorded your feedback for future consideration,

    In lieu of Zendesk listing specific feature types, some customers have utilised Jira Automations to detect when an invalid issue type (i.e. Epic) is created from Zendesk and update the issue type. All issues will be created by Zendesk Support for Jira, so this condition can be used to filter and identify anything Zendesk-created.

  • Catherine

    @... thank you for the prompt reply, it would be nice to have the option. We created a dedicated issue type Support bug in Jira and want to restrict the choice only to that value when creating the support bug from ZD, cause agents might chose something else. I would appreciate if any experience and use cases are shared showing the ways how to detect invalid issue type is created from Zendesk and update the issue type to the correct one, without any data and linking to ZD ticket loss. We use Script runner for Jira automation.


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