Getting help - difficult

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  • Amie Brennan

    well you've certainly ended up in the right place to ask the community for help. What do you need help with? :)

  • Johan E. Bengtsson

    Thanks for replying! :-)

    When the ZenDesk Help page stopped being down, I managed to find "the chat" and got good help by Philip at ZenDesk support. It took a lot of time explaining in a a chat.

    Philip sorted out my problem (a user with admin rights unwittingly installed the app "Verify your reply", and noone was aware). Solution: Limited access to that app to that user's group (and will if needed create a special group if anyone else really wants that app), also the app title now includes that user's name, in case anyone else gets annoyed by it. Will not yet limit admin rights.

    Philip also kindly gave a link to the discussion about the ZenDesk switch to chat-only support (quite a surprise move from a company marketing a multi-channel support solution!).

    My second (smaller) gripe is that "public comments" sounded worrying, but I believe I have now confirmed that it does NOT mean that those comments are searchable by the public. It would be great to have that confirmed here.


  • Graeme Carmichael
    Community Moderator


    Public comments on a ticket are only viewable and searchable by users with access to that specific  ticket.

    Normally, that means just authorised Agents, the requester and anyone CCed into the ticket.

    The comment is public in the sense that that is viewable by non-agents- you can be assured that does not mean the public at large.


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