Far too many new tabs opening

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  • Vincent Brendel - SweetHawk

    If you'd like to keep your admin settings on the same tab, you can now use the free Admin Center app.

  • Matt Creveling

    100% agree with this - doing most configuration actions in Zendesk opens up a ton of unwanted browser tabs.  Why can't this be left up to the user if they want a new tab to be opened using their web browser "open in new tab" function?

    I think this is the single-most obnoxious part of Zendesk.  

  • Agreed, if people are installing apps to not open too many tabs means there is a problem. There is definitely to many tabs openening in the admin panel.

  • Rusty Gregory
    Zendesk Employee

    Hayley, Matt Creveling, and Jysk IT en del af Sagro I/S

    Thanks for the comments. Lost is a sea of tabs is something that has not gone unnoticed as we work to improve the admin experience. Are there other features you feel that use an excessive amount of tabs? 


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