Stop replies to automated emails from creating a ticket

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  • Rolf Hayes

    We are also getting a similar issue where we get an automated reply from a particular customer every time we send them a message.  This creates a new ticket in zendesk every time.

    We need a way of automatically deleting these or at least suspending so they don't clutter up the other views.

  • Chandra Robrock
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    One idea which is an approach I've taken at a few different companies is to setup a trigger that looks for typical phrases included in the auto-responders your team regularly receives. You could even setup this trigger based on the ticket subject line as well.

    Here's an example of how I have it setup:

    The action of this trigger sets the ticket to Solved and includes a few other things so that I can exclude these types of emails from our analytics (i.e. add a special tag).

    I also have this "auto-solve" trigger above any Ticket Created/Received notifications to help prevent additional tickets from being created for that same email.

    Of course, we still have a handful of auto responders that we need to delete/solve manually, but we see ~50-100 tickets auto-solved each week, so it's been working pretty well for us.


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