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  • Dane
    Zendesk Engineering

    Both importing users via CSV or updating users in bulk via API will add new email address as secondary one.

    As it turns out, there isn't any native tool that would allow you to easily change the primary email addresses for the users in a bulk. You could create a custom script that uses our APIs in order to change the primary address:

    1. Email addresses for the users are stored as identities. First, your script would need to call List Identities endpoint - it will return the user_identity id for a particular user.

    2. After this you would need to call Make Identity Primary endpoint in order to make the identity (ID from the point 1) primary.

    This is definitely one feature that is practical to have. I'll also mark this as a feedback for visibility.

  • Matt Owens

    I'd like to also add another use case for the team. 

    Currently we have an integration with Workday that leverages the Create or Update endpoint and external ID for any changes. Mostly we have user fields that hold information such as location, cost center, employee type, etc. 

    An issue we have is when a user is converted from Contractor to Full Time. We have different email domains, one being @companycontractors.com and the other being @company.com. While we are able to add the new email (conversions typically are contract to FTE, rare cases reversed) it's not set as the new primary email. There is a grace period before we remove access to the old domain. In some situations employees are submitting tickets without seeing any notifications back as the email is secondary. 

    Ideally we'd like to have the option in the Create or Update endpoint to specify Primary Identity when doing these calls. 



  • Carmelo Rigatuso

    Adding a +1, we're also updating our email domain and need to update the primary email address for all staff.


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