Remove Followers via Mass Update?

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  • Peter Hochstrasser

    Hi Grant Schuemann

    Interesting that you are looking for the almost identical problem I tried to solve yesterday. 

    We actually haven't switched from CCs to CCs and Followers yet. I tried to use the API via a ticket update webhook to remove myself as a CC recipient from tickets I no longer have to be informed about.

    The outline of my intended solution is:

    - create a trigger which specifies which user to remove from the CC list of the ticket.

    - select the respective tickets where I am CC'ed (query: cc:"Peter Hochstrasser")

    - add a tag to these tickets, and save them

    - the trigger acts on the tag, removed the tag and removes me as a CC using a JSON payload as described here: 

    Much to my dismay, this did not work (besides the fact that there's a typo in the one "action": "delete" example). The webhook executed successfully, but changed nothing. We use the same webhook in other interactions, where it works flawless. Since you use CCs and followers, this may be a way for you, because on the page mentioned above, i.e. here:

    they talk about followers. I assume that this API works only for CCs and Followers-enabled accounts.
    The collaborators API that is available of you're not using CCs and followers only allows to specify the new complete list of collaborators. That cannot be done in a trigger using a webhook, as you need to get and update the contents of the collaborators list.

  • ZZ Graeme Carmichael
    Community Moderator


    The best approach would be to use the API. That is the best approach for mass updates as I do not believe there is a method out the box for this.

    If you do not have access to a developer, you can try the a trigger and target using the method described here. This uses still uses the API and may be an easier starting point. But just a caveat. While updating tickets from triggers and automations is possible, it is not recommended.

  • Jill Bragg
    Zendesk Luminary

    Hey friends! Any chance this functionality might be added at some point? I didn't see a way to bulk update followers via the API, but if I overlooked it let me know. Thanks!!


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