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    Amisha Sharma
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hello Jesse Downing, Thanks for providing feedback.

    The new editor has a built-in markdown editor and unfortunately, there isn't an option to disable markdown currently. However, you could undo (Cmd+Z) right after the text is autoformatted and it will go back to a dash and a space. Hope this helps!

  • Dave Dyson
    Thanks for the feedback, Jesse!
  • Tom Gaynor

    This change has killed my productivity. I use TextExpander which allows me to type short words or phrases to paste various things into my tickets that I repeatedly do dozens of times a day. Most of them start with a dash and a space. Zendesk now converts that to a bullet and TextExpander keeps the dash and space. Now I have bullets and a dash/space and it looks horrible when I send my notes to my customers. It takes me so much longer to go back and clean up the notes.

  • Alucero

    ditto. thought I was going crazy. this has killed my productivity.  Why Why ??? 

  • Jesse Downing

    Hi Amisha,

    It is helpful that there is a way to revert the behavior, but it is still an unnecessary (and inconsistent) inconvenience. A plaintext mode (or at least the ability to disable specific shortcuts) would be extremely helpful.



  • James Persson

    Had problems with this as well, there is workaround by working a certain way but pretty frustrating when bullets don't want to co operate.

  • Dennis Hartmann

    Adding to this, please give an option to turn this off, it's driving me nuts,

    We need to paste information from Zendesk into our platform's admin area and it requires dash+space to work.
    The first bullet point must always be undone with cmd+z
    You can avoid new bulletpoints by using shift+enter for line breaks. This way a new dash and space won't create a new bulletpoint. 

  • Hiroyuki Keino

    I have to cancel the paste by [Ctrl]+Z, then paste with [Ctrl]+[Shift]+V again to resolve it.  I would like to have an option to disable this function as it will reduce my work efficiency.


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