Limiting Sell user access to "NOTHING" in support?

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  • Laura Hippert

    Hi Amy! 

    When you create a new Sell user, they are automatically added in Support as a "Contributor" as all users need access to the subdomain in general. Contributors can only view tickets which are assigned to groups that the user is a member of. If you would like your Sell users to have zero access to tickets - you can simply make sure that they are all assigned to a group that is separate from groups that tickets are assigned to. See more here:

  • Adnan Ali

    Since all Sell users will need access to the subdomain in general, every Sell user will be automatically added to Support as a "Contributor." Contributors will only be able to see tickets assigned to the groups of which they are members. In order to prevent your Sell users from seeing tickets, it is important that they be assigned to a group that does not have access to tickets.


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