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    Katarzyna Karpinska
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Thank you all for your feedback, we are recognizing the need for supporting translations in Content Blocks and we'll try to address it in the future. However, before we get there, we need to keep our focus on other important deliveries, some of which should help with problems also mentioned in the initial request:

    - searching for content block
    - publishing updates for content blocks

  • I wholeheartedly agree with this. 

    We currently support 3 languages (English, Spanish and Portuguese). We find it extremely cumbersome to have to create three content blocks per article and that's only if we have one content block. Sometimes, we can have as many as 4-5 content blocks per one article.

    Not only that, we have to update all content blocks in English, then publish and update Spanish then publish and finally Portuguese and publish. A feature that was supposed to save us a lot of time, ends up tripling (at the very least) the amount of time it takes for us to update articles in all languages at the same time. Additionally, training someone to do this, also takes time. If they miss a step, either a content block won't get updated, the article will be out of date, or a language will be out of date. 

  • Laura

    Content Blocks are very useful and I'm just starting to use them.

    Our Knowledge Base supports 9 languages, so a big upvote from my part on this topic!

  • Kathy Mashalla

    I was really excited to learn about Content Blocks until I saw the lengths we'd have to go to to use them. We support over 25 languages and until there is a way for them to more seamlessly support publishing I can't use them. HUGE upvote from me!

  • Séverine Grandadam

    In theory, content blocks should save us time. However in practice, this feature is increasing effort tremendously when it comes to localization. We support 5 languages and each time a content block flag is used in an article, it needs to be deactivated manually before the article can be sent for translation via the API. Once translations are completed we then need to reactivate the flag manually. Before we started using this feature, we had a seamless translation workflow. Now, it's incredibly time-consuming due to the manual steps. It requires several teams involved. A feature that should save time turns into a nightmare for localization. Can this be fixed at the earliest opportunity?

  • Ricardo Pereira

    I also agree with this. We have 4 languages in our help center, planning to add more in the future.

    We're redesigning our help center, including using content blocks more. The plan was to help save time and ensure consistency across multiple articles.

    I am feeling stressed to discover that the experience of other HC teams here is that the content blocks are making localization a nightmare. 

    A big upvote for this feature.

  • Strongly agree with this. In the current day, most companies will have multilingual support, so not having translations in content blocks almost defeats its purpose. 
    As a Premier Zendesk Partner, we can hardly recommend content blocks with our customers when they support multiple languages. 

  • James Grant

    Strongly agree with this. My team was incredibly disappointed when Unbabel (our automatic translation provide for Zendesk Guide) confirmed that for all three brands and six languages we support there is no way to either manually or automatically translate content blocks. We are completed blocked now, as to work around this is just not manageable mid-term and completed unplanned effort we do not have time or money for. Content blocks are simply unusable for us until this is resolved.

  • James Grant

    Refer to this post - - end of Q2 2023 this issue should be resolved apparently.

  • Ricardo Pereira

    Hi Katarzyna Karpinska, any update on the Content Block translations, since the prioritized features you mentioned before have been developed? Thanks!

  • Katarzyna Karpinska
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Ricardo, 

    Yes, please check the post linked by James on Apr, 11 :) 

  • Anthony Skilton

    I would also like to see the ability to have language variants for content blocks. Additionally, it would be great if these were accessible via the API so that they could be translated using a 3rd party translation provider.


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