How Can I get ZD to Remember the Tickets I Had Open After Being Logged Off?

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  • Darren Bell

    Why are you logging out? I would just minimise the tab. 

    I use Zendesk Quicktab - Chrome Web Store ( so that all my Zendesk tickets are at least in the same Chrome tab, this might be use to you.

    You could set up a Personal View which lists tickets you own or are cc'd on or alternatively a dashboard where it lists your recently worked on tickets.


  • Alan Coler

    the logon seems to be timed , so eventually, or the next day, I have to logon again. Yes the is one tab but the tabs on that zendesk page are never persistent meaning you have to search and open them all up again the next day.

  • Darren Bell

    Ah yes, for security reasons the "logged in" cookie expires overnight so you will need to login each day.

    You would need to think up of a way to identify these tickets, be it by way of a tag or something you set on the tickets, then create a View to pick them up. Or set up a Recently worked on Dashboard.

    Otherwise I just look at Tickets Assigned to me and go from there.

    Sorry I can't offer any more appropriate advice,


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