How to make a ticket field mandatory depending on the status ?


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  • Nils Z.


    This option is not yet available directly via Zendesk. I know two ways by which you can reach the goal.

    1. Via Trigger
    You can create a trigger for such a case:

    Status is „on hold“
    Due Date is „non-existent“

    Status: Open

    The ticket then appears again in the processing queue of the assigned agent. Only when the due date has been entered does the ticket remain in the status „on hold“.

    It is possible to extend the trigger, for example by sending an e-mail with an explanation that the responsible agent.

    2. Via an Marketplace-App

    You can install the app „Ticket Requirements“.

    This allows you to display a notification when certain fields are empty and the agent wants to save the ticket.

    Best Regards

  • Hello Nils Z.,

    Thank you.
    Unfortunately, the app "Ticket Requirement" doesn't answer 100% to my needs.

  • Nils Z.

    Hello Renaud,

    this is a pity.
    Maybe the developer is interested in your feedback and incorporates it into a new version. :)

    Best Regards

  • This would be great if notification could be based on advanced trigger

  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Thanks for jumping in to help, Nils Z.

    Pluriell SRL (EMEA Partner EUR) - I sent a link to this conversation to the PM for this area of the product, to make sure they are aware of your needs here. 


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