Translated Labels for Translated Articles

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  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Thanks for posting that detailed feedback and for using the template, Chad Pryor

    If other users have similar needs or like Chad's idea, please up-vote his post, and add any details or additional thoughts in the comments below. Once there is a critical mass of interest, our product managers will join the conversation. 

  • Monica

    This is a big problem for us as well, especially adding in more languages. Adding in that more labels reduces the value of the label makes it even harder. If you're supporting 12 languages and you add a common synonym as a label then translate it, you go from 1/1 to 1/12 for your one label. 

    We also have utilized labels for common spelling corrections. Adding these for different languages and different autocorrects further devalues a label.

  • Tetiana Gron
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Chad Pryor,

    You can add labels in different languages to an article. They will be shared across all translations.  

  • Chad Pryor

    Tetiana Gron the entire point of this request is that they are not shared, they are unique per article in each translated language. Adding search terms for every potential language to one master article is going to deteriorate the search performance of the article in all languages and lead to false positives.

    The article I linked in my original request includes this - Using labels on your help center articles: Best practices for adding labels – Zendesk help - "Labels can help boost the search relevance of an article. However, you should use labels carefully and sparingly. It's more important to make sure the article title and body contain the relevant keywords."

    We cannot use labels carefully and sparingly in articles that contain the relevant keywords unless those labels can be made unique for the translated articles.  Adding 7 languages of keywords to an article and having 1/7 odds of it containing the correct language is completely at odds with the best practices as defined in that documentation.

  • Jan-Willem Rossée

    Upvoting Chad's post because we have similar needs for our help center. Also a related question: Do the "Related to" tags also only apply to the default language of the article?

  • Monica

    Chad's feedback is in big part why Zendesk search doesn't work for us.


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