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  • Daniel Velasque

    Good morning Julien.
    I imagine that you have an admin or agent dome account in your Zendesk instance and you are using your personal or work email address to access the platform.
    Do the following test: from your email send an email to the email account you have configured in your Zendesk instance with the following data:

    #tags test_julien
    #public true
    Hello how are you? this is a MAIL API test

    You will see that Zendesk will create a new ticket in the name of testJF. with the tag "test_julien".
    In this way, an agent can create or edit a ticket from their email.
    Of course, this option can be limited, but it will depend on the use case / business to apply, but for your case it can be useful.
    So, based on the fact that an agent can create tickets in this way, the idea would be that one of the agents uses the email address of that third-party app as an email address and uses the # parameters in the email sent to your Zendesk instance. In this way you will create the tkt in the name of the account that comes in the #requester parameter and not in the name of that third app.
    I hope I explained myself well, try it and tell me.

    Daniel Velasque (Witbor)

  • Daniel Velasque

    Hi Julien,
    If that third-party app has the opportunity to use APIs, I send tickets through the Zendesk API. It is very simple and does not require more than a couple of hours.
    Another option is to use the zendesk mail api to create or update tickets ( properties-from-your-inbox), but you must have a user with the email address of that third party, so that you can create new tkt on behalf of your clients using #.
    Read the article, maybe it can help you.

  • Julien Philippon

    Hi Daniel, 


    Thanks a lot for your returns.


    Regarding the API of this app, it's not well enought documented to be use in this way. 

    Unfortunately, I don't understand well the second option and the way to make it work. I'll received a lot of notification from this third party app. If my users have to write the mail of the requester each time it'll be painful. If someone have a video or gif of how to use it, i'll be delighted.


    Best regards



  • Julien Philippon

    Thanks Daniel for all the information. I'll try it. 

    Unfornunately, i'll receive a lot of mail. We can't do that for all the email we received. 

    The availability of an automation will be the greater.



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