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  • Walter

    Hi Cherry Zablocki,

    can someone tell me the difference between hours since open and hours since created? 

    When a ticket is created, it usually has the "New" status.  A ticket only becomes "Open" after the agent submits it as "Open".  So it is quite possible for there to be a significant time difference between the number of hours since the ticket was first added to the system and when the ticket status was changed to "Open".


  • Sam

    Hi Cherry Zablocki!

    It looks like the root cause of your issue has already been identified. To help simplify the conditions of your view, you could reduce it down to this:

    Under ALL

    • Category is Support
    • Status less than Solved
    • Hours since Created (calendar) Greater than 720

    You can omit the other statuses in the ANY section by using the less than operator with the Status.

    Hope this helps!


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