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  • Lou
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    The Product Manager Whisperer - 2022

    Short answer is yes. Triggers continue to cycle until no more conditions are met.

    About triggers and how they work

    Also, check out training.zendesk.com. There's a good course on triggers that touches on that subject. I believe it's still free.

    On-Demand: Automate your customer service ticketing workflows

  • Ahmed Zaid
    User Group Leader Community Moderator

    Hi Ryan P.

    My understanding is that if the trigger action notifies a webhook and that webhook updates the ticket, it will be considered a new update that can trigger the same flow. 

    Depending on your use case, you may consider limiting the trigger to fire if "update via" is not "API".


  • Ryan P.

    Lou interesting, I didn't know that it loops through the triggers like that. But I would assume an API update would trigger a whole new round of triggers too (since it's a completely separate update). And in that concurrent scenario (initial update isn't complete but the second update is started) there could be some duplication and possible conflicts.

    For example, I have a notification that is based on a (missing) tag that is added after sent. If they are to be sent in the initial update run. and this API update is also called, the notification could be sent twice. I should probably test that scenario, but wanted to get some input. Thanks


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