Trigger when a ticket has not been assigned from a group to an individual user within the group

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  • Dave Dyson
    Hi Sara,
    Triggers work immediately when a ticket is created or updated, so they work for this use case. Automations do work on a timed basis, but I'm not sure there'd be a way to make one work based on time after a ticket is assigned to another group either, but since this is question more about building a business rule and not specific to deploying them from a Sandbox, I'm going to relocate your question to our Zendesk Suite Q&A topic, so more people can see it, and possibly chime in with their ideas.
  • Ahmed Zaid
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    Hi Sara Pearson,

    Like Dave said, your use case can be solved with an automation, rather than a trigger. It should meet all of the following conditions:

    • Ticket: Hours since assignee update >> (business) Greater than >> "x hours"
    • Ticket: Group >> is >> "Level 2 Group"
    • Ticket: Assignee >> is >> -

    You can perform certain actions such as re-assigning ticket to Level 1 or another group. Or you can notify a manager on slack or email for example.

    If you do not re-assign it to another group, make sure you add a nullifying action, such as tags, to prevent the automation from running every hour. More on that here.


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