Unable to recover automatically suspended tickets

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  • Contrell Jones

    Remake the account over again once you get an error.

  • Christine
    Zendesk Engineering
    Hi Don,

    If you are getting the following error when automatically recovering suspended tickets:
    Suspended ticket could not be recovered: Failed recovering suspended ticket id: XXXXX. You may need to manually recover this suspended ticket.

    Below are the scenarios when the error occurs and how you can recover the suspended tickets.
    • The sender of the message was suspended. You must unsuspend the user on their user profile before you can automatically unsuspend the ticket.
    • The sender's email is a support address in your account. Manually recover the suspended ticket and change the requester to a non-support address email address.

    If any of the above doesn't apply to your suspended tickets and you continue to get an error, kindly submit a ticket to us directly so we can investigate further.

    See Contacting Zendesk Customer Support.

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