The Age of Unsolved Tickets (for Business Days)

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  • Carlos Santos

    I second that. Also need to know the age of unsolved tickets in business days.

  • Crystal Shepherd

    I agree. We hold teams accountable to updating customers and to have a report that shows time since last update in business hours/days instead of calendar allows us to report correctly on agent updates and escalate as needed.

    I know there is a workaround to create an automation if a ticket goes so many hours without an update from the agent and create a tag and report on the tag, but a metric in reports would be so much easier and would allow us to see the full picture.

  • Ryan Campbell

    Agree 100%.

    The large majority of corporate SLAs are prescribed in Business Days.  From a governance view, reporting on Business Hours is far more important than Calendar Hours. 


     - business hours from created to solved

     - business hours a ticket is open 

     - business hours a ticket sits in any status

    Particularly, how long is a ticket is in a state of 'pending' customer, or 'escalated'  versus the time a ticket is open. 


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